Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Husband!

Today is my husband's birthday!  As part of my celebration of his life, I am dedicating today's post to his honor.

I met Paul when I had just completed a seminary degree and was working at the library that the seminary and the undergraduate college shared.  He was a new faculty member at the college.  He and I began spending time together within a few months of meeting.  During our casual dating phase, he and I had a minor disagreement on an insignificant matter that I can't remember now.  In the course of that conversation, he said something that amazed me, "You're right," he declared, "I'm wrong."

His willingness to admit fault and to change direction astonished me.  It gave me a glimpse at a rare trait that I seldom see in others and never see in myself: a marriage of humility and teachability. 

I don't like anyone to know when I am wrong. I either insist that I am right (even when everyone knows I'm not) or I spin my position into something resembling correctness, as if thinking about the issue in another way would be reasonable.  Paul does not do this, but he is instead humble enough to admit when he is wrong.   I so admire him for this. 

Since he is humble and willing to admit when he is wrong, Paul is a teachable man. He regards correction as a blessing since it enables him to learn and to grow.  He is daily becoming a better man, because pride does not get in his way.  This uncommon characteristic serves him well in both his professional and personal lives.  Whereas I always dreaded student evaluations, he welcomes them as a tool for improving his teaching.  It also makes him a good husband.  He never fights with me just to be right.  He always listens to my side, admits when he is wrong, and gently corrects me when I am wrong. 

This is just one of the ways he has been a good influence on me.  I still bristle when my mistakes are on display, but I am more willing to take notes than I used to be. God often uses marriage as a tool for helping us learn and grow, and he gave Paul to me as an example.  I am so grateful.

Do you know someone with a noteworthy trait that you admire?  Please tell me about that person in comments.

Happy birthday, Honey!

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