Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's almost eight o'clock in the morning, and my street is quieter than I've ever heard it. Usually, by this time it's one car after another as everyone hurries to work or to school. But today, I mostly hear silence broken only by the occasional car.

People are staying home today because of the weather. It's cold out there. According to the websites I'm reading, the temperature is about -14 and the wind chill is around -40. The schools in our town (including the college where my husband works) are closed as is the library where I was scheduled to work this morning. People in some communities to the north live in conditions like these all the time, but this is unusual for us. So we are staying inside. My kids get a day added to their winter break. 

I complain of winter every year. I dislike the snow--I think it's a nuisance and a hazard. I don't like being cold. I don't like the extra ten minutes I have to add to our getting-ready-to-go time for our kids to bundle up. I don't like the soggy boots that block my front door. I don't like the salt all over my car. Yet there's something appealing about this extreme cold. I get a cozy, secure feeling from being inside while the weather rages beyond my window. I'm happy to be in my little house with a quilt and a cup of tea. Of course, I'd be happier if it were springtime, but I must acknowledge the pleasure of being snug and safe. 

On another note, I'm worrying about homeless people today. We have a couple of them that spend a lot of their time at the library, and I hope they are okay. A church nearby offers shelter to the homeless, but at least one that I know rejects offers of help from churches. Whether he likes it or not, I'm praying for him today.

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