Friday, January 10, 2014

Bluestem Reading

I so admire my daughter's drive. When Juliet sets a goal, she sticks with the task until she completes it. Where does she get this? You can be sure it's not from me. My last post illustrates my tendency to get all excited about a plan then fail to follow through.

Yesterday, Juliet decided she would read all of the Bluestem nominees for 2014. This is a list of twenty titles--mostly chapter books of at least 140 pages. She will get a little prize at school for reading them and will get to participate in a raffle. 

She almost achieved this same goal last year. I was so proud of her, especially when she pushed through books she didn't really like. 

Juliet persuaded Paul to take her to the library yesterday so that she could borrow all the Bluestem books before anyone else could get to them. Since then, she has been hiding out in her room reading madly. 

If only I could imitate her drive and tenacity. I might actually accomplish something.

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