Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm Crafty

This is how I do crafts: 

  • Step One: I buy craft supplies.
  • Step Two: I bring them home and put them in a cabinet.

Sometimes I vary Step Two a little by leaving my purchases in a a bag on the floor of my bedroom instead of putting them in the cabinet.

I have a crafting impulse and just a little skill, but not enough tenacity to follow through with planned projects. Here's a small sampling of aborted projects.

The plan here was to make a nightgown for Caroline's birthday. It didn't happen. I hope it eventually does happen, because that fabric was expensive.

Originally, this was supposed to be a tiered skirt for Caroline, but then I decided to make the nightgown instead. So then I thought I'd make the skirt for Laura. She likes kitties, too.

Juliet told me that she wanted a Christmas dress that wasn't distinctively Christmassy so that she could wear it longer. That seemed reasonable to me, so I thought I would make her a T-shirt dress with a tiered skirt.  Good thing it's not Christmassy at all since Christmas is now in the past.  

This yarn will make a pretty winter hat for Juliet. Eventually.

I can't remember why I bought these wooden butterflies. Laura and Caroline's room is decorated with a butterfly theme, so maybe I intended to use them for something in there. 

I don't have a clear plan for these. They were in the remnant bin and I couldn't resist. I thought maybe I could set them aside for the kids' projects. That way, they'll stay out of my craft cabinet. I have plans for all that stuff, you see.

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