Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, gentle readers!

Are you making resolutions or setting goals for 2014? I don't usually make resolutions for two reasons. First of all, like most people, I almost always fail at keeping them. I don't need that self-image crusher. Second, I don't really feel that January 1st is a new beginning. Pretty much everything in our lives stays the same. For me, the start of a new year is September. My children and my husband are all on academic schedules, so that's when everything starts over--we have new classes, new shoes, new after-school lessons, and new haircuts. That always seems a more appropriate time to make life changes. 

When I told my husband about my perspective on the new year, he observed that it's nice to have two new beginnings each year--two opportunities to reset our lives.

With that mind, I thought I would set three goals for 2014. 

  1. I would like to re-lose the weight that I lost in 2012 and regained in 2013. This is exactly the sort of New Year's resolution that typically fails. It is non-specific and lacks a clear plan of action. I don't care. I'm setting this goal anyway. 
  2. I want to make a few small changes to this blog, specifically pages and labels.
  3. I want to organize my bedroom in such a way that I can easily keep it neat and organized. 

We'll see how it goes.

What plans do you have for the year? Let's talk about them in comments. I hope to hear from you. Have a great 2014!

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